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Academic Article Reinforcements arrive for the war against chronic cystitis and bladder cancer.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling of the bladder in urogenital schistosomiasis reveals pathways of inflammatory fibrosis and urothelial compromise.
Academic Article A new mouse model for female genital schistosomiasis.
Academic Article Controversies and challenges in research on urogenital schistosomiasis-associated bladder cancer.
Academic Article New research tools for urogenital schistosomiasis.
Academic Article Macrophages are required for host survival in experimental urogenital schistosomiasis.
Academic Article Hepatitis B Vaccines and HPV Vaccines Have Been Hailed as Major Public Health Achievements in Preventing Cancer--Could a Schistosomiasis Vaccine be the Third?
Academic Article Development of a Biosensor-Based Rapid Urine Test for Detection of Urogenital Schistosomiasis.
Academic Article Schistosoma haematobium egg-induced bladder urothelial abnormalities dependent on p53 are modulated by host sex.
Academic Article Hamster Weight Patterns Predict the Intensity and Course of Schistosoma haematobium Infection.
Academic Article Smallpox and Dracunculiasis: The Scientific Value of Infectious Diseases That Have Been Eradicated or Targeted for Eradication. Is Schistosomiasis Next?
Academic Article Evaluation of the CCA Immuno-Chromatographic Test to Diagnose Schistosoma mansoni in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Academic Article Computational deconvolution of gene expression by individual host cellular subsets from microarray analyses of complex, parasite-infected whole tissues.
Academic Article A Microfiltration Device for Urogenital Schistosomiasis Diagnostics.
Academic Article Global Assessment of Schistosomiasis Control Over the Past Century Shows Targeting the Snail Intermediate Host Works Best.
Academic Article The NIH-NIAID Schistosomiasis Resource Center at the Biomedical Research Institute: Molecular Redux.
Concept Schistosomiasis
Concept Schistosomiasis haematobia
Concept Schistosomiasis mansoni
Academic Article Diagnosing Urogenital Schistosomiasis: Dealing with Diminishing Returns.
Academic Article Defining the Pathways of Urogenital Schistosomiasis-Associated Urothelial Carcinogenesis through Transgenic and Bladder Wall Egg Injection Models.
Academic Article An enduring legacy of discovery: Margaret Stirewalt.

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