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Academic Article Transcranial Doppler imaging in children: sickle cell screening and beyond.
Academic Article Transcranial Doppler changes in children with sickle cell disease on transfusion therapy.
Academic Article Sickle cell vasculopathy mini-symposium: editor's overview.
Academic Article Screening children for sickle cell vasculopathy: guidelines for transcranial Doppler evaluation.
Academic Article Neonatal ECMO: neuroimaging and neurodevelopmental outcome.
Academic Article Hydroxyurea therapy lowers TCD velocities in children with sickle cell disease.
Academic Article Lap-belt syndrome: management of aortic intimal dissection in a 7-year-old child with a constellation of injuries.
Academic Article Prolyl 3-hydroxylase 1 deficiency causes a recessive metabolic bone disorder resembling lethal/severe osteogenesis imperfecta.
Academic Article Interobserver reliability and accuracy of cranial ultrasound scanning interpretation in premature infants.
Academic Article Fetal magnetic resonance imaging as a complement to fetal ultrasonography.
Academic Article What is the evidence based role of US in evaluating the fetus?
Academic Article Fetal chest ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging: recent advances and current clinical applications.
Academic Article Safety of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in children for non-cardiac applications: a review by the Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) and the International Contrast Ultrasound Society (ICUS).
Academic Article Color Doppler sonography and scintigraphy of the testis: a prospective, comparative analysis in children with acute scrotal pain.
Academic Article Fallopian tube torsion in the pediatric age group: radiologic evaluation.
Academic Article Fetal MRI evaluation of an intracranial mass: in utero evolution of hemorrhage.
Academic Article Antenatal Magnesium and Cerebral Palsy in Preterm Infants.
Academic Article Prenatal evaluation of atelencephaly.
Academic Article Bladder Function After Fetal Surgery for Myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Fetal and neonatal imaging minisymposium--2015 executive summary.
Academic Article Ultrasound and MR imaging findings in prenatal diagnosis of craniosynostosis syndromes.
Academic Article Utility of fetal magnetic resonance imaging in assessing the fetus with cardiac malposition.
Concept Ultrasonography
Concept Ultrasonography, Prenatal
Concept Ultrasonography, Doppler, Transcranial
Concept Ultrasonography, Interventional
Concept Ultrasonography, Doppler
Concept Ultrasonography, Doppler, Color
Academic Article Prenatal magnetic resonance and ultrasonographic findings in small-bowel obstruction: imaging clues and postnatal outcomes.
Academic Article Technical aspects of mediastinal ultrasound for pediatric pulmonary tuberculosis.
Academic Article Prenatal congenital vertical talus (rocker bottom foot): a marker for multisystem anomalies.

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