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Zheng, Pan

InstitutionChildrens National Medical Center
DepartmentCancer & Immunology Research
Address111 Michigan Ave NW
Washington DC 20010
Phone(202) 476-6835
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    1. Du X, Tang F, Liu M, Su J, Zhang Y, Wu W, Devenport M, Lazarski CA, Zhang P, Wang X, Ye P, Wang C, Hwang E, Zhu T, Xu T, Zheng P, Liu Y. A reappraisal of CTLA-4 checkpoint blockade in cancer immunotherapy. Cell Res. 2018 Apr; 28(4):416-432. PMID: 29472691.
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    2. Du X, Liu M, Su J, Zhang P, Tang F, Ye P, Devenport M, Wang X, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Zheng P. Uncoupling therapeutic from immunotherapy-related adverse effects for safer and effective anti-CTLA-4 antibodies in CTLA4 humanized mice. Cell Res. 2018 Apr; 28(4):433-447. PMID: 29463898.
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    3. Li D, Hu M, Liu Y, Ye P, Du P, Li CS, Cheng L, Liu P, Jiang J, Su L, Wang S, Zheng P, Liu Y. CD24-p53 axis suppresses diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatocellular carcinogenesis by sustaining intrahepatic macrophages. Cell Discov. 2018; 4:6. PMID: 29423273.
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    7. Wang X, Sun B, Liu B, Fu Y, Zheng P. A novel method for multifactorial bio-chemical experiments design based on combinational design theory. PLoS One. 2017; 12(11):e0186853. PMID: 29095845.
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    9. Tanno T, Zhang P, Lazarski CA, Liu Y, Zheng P. An aptamer-based targeted delivery of miR-26a protects mice against chemotherapy toxicity while suppressing tumor growth. Blood Adv. 2017 Jun 27; 1(15):1107-1119. PMID: 29296753.
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    10. Ichiyama K, Gonzalez-Martin A, Kim BS, Jin HY, Jin W, Xu W, Sabouri-Ghomi M, Xu S, Zheng P, Xiao C, Dong C. The MicroRNA-183-96-182 Cluster Promotes T Helper 17 Cell Pathogenicity by Negatively Regulating Transcription Factor Foxo1 Expression. Immunity. 2016 06 21; 44(6):1284-98. PMID: 27332731; PMCID: PMC4918454 [Available on 06/21/17].
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